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AS Nymo is a full-service engineering, procurement and construction company within the oil & gas and process industry.
Nymo offers total solutions to customers and has earned confidence for versatility, reliability, quality service, timely delivery, good project management and commitment to HSE excellence.

The company is situated at the south coast of Norway with headquarter and main fabrication yard in Grimstad, and with additional fabrication facilities in Arendal. Nymo was established in 1946 and was fully acquired by the Ugland family in 1956. Nymo is a cornerstone company in the region with a workforce of more than 300 employees.

Nymo has extensive experience from design, procurement, construction, transportation and installation supervision of offshore modules through more than 4 decades and has special expertise in designing and fabricating offshore drilling packages. The last decade, more than a dozen drilling packages are designed and/or fabricated by Nymo. Typically these modules are highly advanced units, designed for the most harsh environment conditions and subject to the most severe standards, laws and regulations.

Nymo has also extensive experience from designing and building process modules, accommodation modules, gas turbine exhaust and air inlet systems and subsea units.

HSE & Quality

Planning and management shall be performed ensuring that health, safety and the environment are taken properly care of, both internally and in relation to the company surroundings in Grimstad and at Eydehavn.

Quality assurance policy

Quality assurance is the tool for continuously improvements of AS Nymo's organization and products. Legal requirements and good working practice shall be adhered to in all respect for our activities. The company shall enter into contracts for which the yard possesses adequate economical, technical and administrational resources.

Good relation to customers is most important for AS Nymo. Supply of services and products shall be in compliance with specified requirements, and confidence in quality and timely deliveries shall be focused.

Planning and administration of work shall be managed in a way that ensures safe and effective working conditions, in order to secure a sound financial base for business development and reasonable profit. 

Health, safety and environment (HSE) policy

Planning and management of work at AS Nymo shall be performed ensuring that health, safety and environment are taken properly care of internally and in relation to the company surroundings in Grimstad and at Eydehavn. Authority requirements and common standards shall as a minimum be fulfilled. The company shall keep public informed about the environmental work.

The company shall perform continuously improvement within organisation, work performance and the daily operation in order to prevent harm and to achieve the goals for health, safety and environment.

The responsibility for health, safety and environment shall follow the organisation lines. All personnel working at the company sites shall be familiar with and follow the established plans, routines and instructions in force. The company organisation shall inform all employees of their responsibility for the work within HSE.

The company has a zero-philosophy, with 0-harm to the personnel and the environment, and shall for each calendar year define and establish goals for the work within HSE and register the results.


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AS Nymo operations are distributed on two different main locations, situated on the South-East coastline of Norway. In this area the company has strong roots and a proud history.

Grimstad yard


AS Nymo headquarter is situated in Vikkilen in Grimstad. A new (2009) and modern office building is housing the administration, project and fabrication management, design engineering, fabrication engineering and procurement staff. 

The fabrication area in Vikkilen includes indoor and outdoor welding and assembly facilities of 11,000 and 5,000 m2 respectively. Total area inclusive storage is 41,000 m2. The quay is equipped with 2 x 60-tonne cranes, and the water depth at quay front is 10 metres. In addition, the fabrication area includes facilities for sandblasting and corrosion protection.


This facility is situated 2 km from the main office on historic ground with links to the Viking era. Fjære was Nymo's first facility back in 1946. The first building is still in use.

The facility has 2.700 m2 indoor workshops for specialised fabrication of stainless steel and aluminium constructions. This includes a separate cleaning shop for passivation of stainless welds.

The facility specialises in acoustic packages and cladding for offshore platforms.
AS Nymo headquarter - GRIMSTAD YARD

Eydehavn Yard

The site at Eydehavn was previously an aluminium plant. It was rebuilt as steel construction and shipyard in 1975. AS Nymo took over the site in 1991.

The facilities today comprise main assembly hall 60x30x24m (LxWxH), with 200- and 50- tonne overhead cranes for integration testing of subsea systems, miscellaneous halls for prefabrication and assembly, and sandblasting and painting shops. The 200-tonne crane also serves the outdoor area and reaches 10.5 m outside the quay front for load-out purposes. In addition, the site is equipped with a 25x20m seabed platform at a depth of 10.5 m for shallow water testing and also ground transportation facilities of up to 250 tonnes.

The indoor and outdoor fabrication area is 10,000 m2  and 15,000 m2  respectively of the site's total area of 60,000 m2.

The Eydehavn yard is located in sheltered water with a minimum of 25 m water depth in the sailing route to open sea, and 10m water depth at the 150 m quay front. The distance to open sea is short and without any restriction to vessel or rig sizes.

The yard has a seabed foundation for testing of jack-up rigs.


The company was founded and got named A/S Nymo Fabrikker. Founder was Mr. Alf Ribe, who initially intended to build up a foundry to produce hearths and stoves.
The company’s shares were 100% taken over by the Ugland family.  The purpose by taking over the workshop was to fabricate special items and spare parts for own ships and to provide vessel engineers with required workshop practice necessary for their certification.
The first machine and repair shop were built at Fjære site.  The Ugland owned ship “Lisita” (13 150 DWT) arrived Grimstad, Vikkilen as the first merchant ship to the yard for necessary maintenance and repair.
The first floating dock, which was bought from Denmark arrived Nymo.  Ships up to 16 000 DWT could then be docked.  The dock was in use until 1975 and then sold to Sweden and a new dock was installed.  A/S Nymo Fabrikker was renamed AS Nymo, with subtitle Mekanisk Verksted.
Nymo into the oil age.  Contract was signed for overhaul and upgrade of the drilling rig “Ocean Prince”, and the rig arrived in December.  This was a challenge for Nymo and so far the biggest job ever performed at the yard.  The rig left Grimstad in May 1967 and was the first rig repair performed at any Norwegian yards.
Nymo together with 4 other South Norway yards established the company Oil Industry Services. This was a company specialized in services to the oil market and very soon a module contract was signed for the first platform to Ekofisk 2/4A in 1973.
The expansion of Nymo into the “oil age” started by decision of building quay and shop facilities at the yard in Grimstad.  This was the company’s start of module fabrication and is still the main activities nearly 40 years later.
Nymo fabricated floating platform structure for an Aker H3 to BMV in Bergen.  This year Nymo also delivered the first fabricated accommodation quarter to Eldfisk.
Fabrication and delivery of heavy lift vessel “Uglen”.  The vessel was designed and built in close cooperation with the Ugland organization.
The first EPC contract was signed with BP for design, procurement and fabrication of an accommodation module and helideck for 135 persons to Gyda field.
Nymo acquired the yard facilities at Eydehavn, Arendal.  The first delivery of a complete platform was signed with Elf Petrolan BV, The Netherlands.  This unmanned wellhead platform was hooked up at the K6D field.
From this year subsea projects became a main activity at the Eydehavn yard and two rise towers for the Troll Field were fabricated and delivered.  Further agreement was made to fabricate subsea structures and pipelines for a large number of wells to the Troll oil province.
A 1700 tonnes process module for the Vigdis field was fabricated and delivered to Saga Petroleum. 
Nymo fabricated a complete drilling module (1800 tonnes) for Bentec Norge A/S to Oseberg Sør field.
Nymo’s first EPCI contract was delivered to Hydralift and Stena Drilling. Nymo performed engineering, procurement, fabrication, transport, installation and testing of the drilling module for the rig “Stena Don” which was built in Germany.
One of the most prestigious contracts was signed with ABB to fabricate the subsea units for the Snøhvit field. Nymo’s delivery consists of 6 seabed units containing manifolds and control systems for gas production from 325m of water depth.
In 2005 Nymo signed contract with ORS, later transferred to COSL for design and fabrication for one drilling module with an option for a second identical module. Later another 2 drilling modules and 4 mud modules was ordered.  The contracts also included transport from Grimstad to Yantai, China.  All 4 drilling and mud modules were delivered from 2007 – 2010.
Accommodation modules for 290 persons were fabricated at Eydehavn yard and installed onboard Master Marine’s vessel Service Jack 1 “Haven”.  Final hook-up and completion of the vessel started August 2010 and completed July 2011. “Haven” will serve as accommodation platform in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

Nymo AS and the Transparency Act

Information about Nymo’s work on human rights and decent working conditions according to the Transparency Act.

The Transparency Act concerns the transparency of businesses and their work on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions. The act came into effect on July 1, 2022. The purpose of the act is to promote businesses’ respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in the production of goods and services, as well as to ensure public access to information on how businesses handle negative consequences in these areas. 

Requests for statements regarding our work with the Transparency Act should be sent to nymo@nymo.no and marked as “Transparency Act Inquiry.”