A highly skilled workforce

A.S Nymo employs a highly skilled workforce within project management, design engineering, fabrication engineering, procurement and production and fabrication.
The company search to employ motivated and talented people with the energy to move us forward and the mindset of committing to delivering on high standards. If there are no vacant positions matching your interests, please send us your resume and you will be contacted if it is found relevant.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone.


To deliver quality, at the right time and with good HSE, we need professionally skilled colleagues. 

We need colleagues on our team with a practical and theoretical educational background. This diversity gives us great opportunities and a unique interaction. At Nymo, we want everyone to do their part of the job, make their teammates better, and take responsibility for the end results.


Our vacancies are continuously advertised on and we ask you who are interested in a job at Nymo to apply for there.

Trainee Positions

Nymo is a recognized company for learning with a long tradition of educating apprentices in high school collaboration.

Nymo recruits new apprentices every year. The apprentices are trained in the fields of industrial plumbing, welding, plate, industrial mechanics, scaffolding and surface treatment.

The apprenticeship places at Nymo are meant for those who come from vocationally continuing education. The teaching period usually lasts for two years. During this period, the apprentices get practice within Nymo's core business and get a good knowledge of Nymo's project implementation model. Apprentices are important for Nymo and Norwegian industry to develop further.

Apprentices are not guaranteed job after completing their apprenticeship, but the story shows that several of our skilled professionals began their apprenticeship here with us and got permanent employment after that. New apprenticeship positions are announced every year in January with the deadline for applications 1 March.

Available apprenticeship for welding
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Nymo has a close collaboration with UIA (University of Agder) in the subject categories: Engineering and technological subjects and subjects related to the Business School in Agder.

Nymo has a tradition of collaborating with students and professors at UIA on bachelor and master theses. During the assignment period, the students are closely linked to the company through a dedicated Nymo-supervisor and with an adapted office space in the work environment. Issues Nymo wants to solve together with students is posted at:

If you do not find relevant issues at the Competence Center, you can get in contact directly by email with the Industry Program at the University of Southeast Norway (USN). Nymo is a partner in the Industrimaster program at the University of Southeast Norway (USN). Nymo offers students a master in System Engineering. The collaboration adds up to 50% work in the company and 50% studies. This is a program over 3 years.

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