Business Areas & SERVICES

Advanced offshore modules

Nymo has more than 40 years experience and expertise in providing advanced offshore modules for applications within the oil & gas industry and process industry.
The core businesses are:

Design, procurement, construction, transport and installation supervision of
  • drilling modules 
  • process modules
  • living quarters
  • gas turbine exhaust and accessories

Fabrication of sub-sea manifolds, templates and jumper spools

Repair, outfitting and upgrading of drilling rigs, FPSO's and other vessels. Mobilise and equip service vessels for subsea pipe laying, module installation, windmill installation, etc.

AS Nymo is also continuously engaged with significant projects that naturally cannot be categorized within the core business areas. The company defines itself to large extent as an all-round construction and fabrication yard that always search to meet its customer’s needs and demands.
AS Nymo possess well experienced engineers to undertake studies, concept engineering and detail engineering for modules to the oil and gas industry. Our experience has made us specialists in design of drilling modules, accommodation modules and exhaust gas treatment systems.
Drilling packages
AS Nymo has extensive experience and expertise in design and fabrication of offshore drilling packages. The last decade more than a dozen drilling modules has been designed and/or fabricated by A/S Nymo.
Drilling Packages
Process modules
AS Nymo produces offshore modules for a wide range of applications including process modules, HPU modules, compression modules etc. Our strengths is the building of specially designed units in accordance with our clients' specific needs.
Process modules
Gas turbine accessories
Nymo has a significant track record within studies, engineering, construction and offshore installation of optimized accessories for gas turbines, compressors and generators.
Gas turbine systems
Subsea structures
Nymo has more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction of subsea structures for the global oil and gas industry. We have delivered dozens of projects with a total of over one hundred subsea units.
Subsea structures
Rig completion & upgrade
AS Nymo have excellent weather protected harbor conditions both in Grimstad and Eydehavn. The Eydehavn yard has in addition seaway entrance suitable for arrival of large floating offshore units.
Rig completion and upgrade