Gas turbine systems

Complete exhaust systems

Nymo has a significant track record within studies, engineering, construction and offshore installation of optimized accessories for gas turbines, compressors and generators.
Together with partners, Nymo delivers complete exhaust systems. We have employees with experience who carry out studies and EPCI projects.
Products and services from Nymo include:
  • Engineering 
  • Gas Turbine Filter House
  • Gas Turbine Noise Hood Ventilation System
  • Anti-Ice Systems
  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems
  • Gas Turbine Noise Hoods
  • Panel Noise Hoods
  • Silencers
  • Lifting Tools
  • Installation
  • Survey and Maintenance
  • Gas Turbine Types

Nymo engineering services includes calculations and analyses within FEA, CFD, vibrations, noise, heat, structures and process. We perfom 3d modeling, technical safety and HSE analyses, HAZID/HAZOPS, field studies and preparation of installation manuals and procedures.


2017Maersk Inspirer - EPCI - Titan 130Mearsk
2013Grane - EPCI - PGT25+Statoil
2010Visund - EPCI - PGT25Statoil
2007Valhall IP - EPCI - DieselBP
2007Valhall VRD - EPCI - SolarBP

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Gas turbine systems
Subsea structures
Rig completion and upgrade
Drilling and mud modules
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