Gas turbine accessories

Nymo has a significant track record within studies, engineering, construction and offshore installation of optimized accessories for gas turbines, compressors and generators.
Products and services from Nymo include:
  • Engineering 
  • Gas Turbine Filter House
  • Gas Turbine Noise Hood Ventilation System
  • Anti-Ice Systems
  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems
  • Gas Turbine Noise Hoods
  • Panel Noise Hoods
  • Silencers
  • Lifting Tools
  • Installation
  • Survey and Maintenance

Nymo engineering services includes calculations and analyses within FEA, CFD, vibrations, noise, heat, structures and process. We perfom 3d modeling, technical safety and HSE analyses, HAZID/HAZOPS, field studies and preparation of installation manuals and procedures.

GT Performance AS
Ekofiskvegen 15
4056 Tananger
Stavanger, Norway

Gas turbine performance optimization

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ProjectClientProductYear# off
DraupnerDresser RandFilterhouses20194EPCI
Statfjord BEquinorSilencer/Turbine Inlet Duct20191EPCI
Åsgard ADresser RandCompressor Enclosure20191EPCI
Maersk InspirerAker SolutionsWHRU20192EPCI
Maersk InspirerAker SolutionsWHRU2018/20192EPCI + demolition
Maersk InspirerAker SolutionsDiesel Exhaust2018/20192EPCI + demolition
Maersk InspirerSiemensNoise Enclosures20193EPCI + demolition
Åsgard ASiemensCompressor Enclosure20191EPCI + demolition
DraupnerSiemensFilter House - Combustian and Ventilation Air20192 + 2EPCI + demolition
UlaSiemensFilter House - Ventilation Air and Anti-ice20193EPCI + demolition
UlaAker SolutionsFilter House - Combustian Air20183EPCI + demolition
HeidrunAker SolutionsFilter House - Combustian Air2017/20181EPCI
Åsgard ADresser-RandFilter Houses2014Study
Åsgard BFabricomWHRU2013Study

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