Master Marine Service Jack 1

Living quarter

Client: Flexmodule/Master Marine
Weight: 1400 tonnes
Contract awarded: 2008
Year of delivery: 2011

Master Marine in Norway, an offshore service company, specializing in the transportation and offshore installation of heavy structures for the oil and gas industry, which has two self- jack up vessels under construction.
Service Jack 1  been awarded a contract with ConocoPhillips Scandinavia for the Ekofisk Renewal Project. The vessel has been contracted as a jack up accommodation unit. The new accommodation unit will replace some of the existing accommodation vessels/platforms on the Ekofisk Complex. 
In order to reduce offshore hook-up time, the Service Jack can handle fully integrated and commissioned topsides from onshore fabrication site. 

Service Jack 1 has been contracted as a jack up accommodation unit. AS Nymo has constructed three accommodation modules for the Service Jack 1. This project was won thank to a successful partnership with Markhus A/S who has been responsible for the design of these modules. Markhus AS is a Grimstad (Norwegian) based engineering company specialized on offshore living quarter modules with a staff of experienced engineers specialized in architectural design.


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