Structures and piping systems

Nymo has more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction of subsea structures for the global oil and gas industry. We have delivered dozens of projects with a total of over one hundred subsea units.
AS Nymo has since 1990 fabricated subsea structures and piping systems for subsea production and injection wells. In total number approx 100 units are delivered mainly for the Norwegian continental shelf. Most known fields delivered to are Troll Oil Province in the North Sea and Snøhvit Gas field in the Barents Sea. 

Detail engineering is available for structural and piping disciplines. Special subsea platform with depth of 10 m is available for submerged testing. Overhead lifting capacity of 200 MT.

Our staff is well experienced in detail design, fabrication and testing of complete units for seabed installation of wellhead satellites, process units and associated piping. The fabrication skills include all relevant material qualities used in subsea equipment.

Units delivered:
  • Manifolds for multi well field developments
  • Satellite production wellhead frames
  • Injection wellhead frames
  • Seabed separation and compression units
  • Prefabricated seabed pipe branch connections
  • Platform tie-in pipelines
  • Risers


2019FenjaTechnipFMC/Neptune Energy
2017Ghana OCTP - 18 subsea structuresGE Oil & Gas/ ENI
2015BOA - ManifoldTechnip/Det Norske
2013Bøyla - Manifold, riser baseTechnip/Det Norske
2009Yme - Tie-in spoolsTechnip/Talisman
2009Gjøa - Tie-in spoolsTechnip/Statoil
2008Alvheim - Mid water archTechnip/Marathon

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